Bread Inc. Is a sandwich bar simulator. Customers enter your shop and ask you to make a sandwich. Your job is to make the correct sandwich!

If you make the correct order fast enough, the customer will be happy and you get a lot of points. If not, you make them angry and you lose points.

What I did:

  • For this game i developed the “Star Engine”.
    More information about the engine:
    This game was a school assignment. Because we are enrolled in an exchange program, we had to make an engine first, before making the game.
  • Porting the prototype from SFML to Star Engine


This game will be playable on Android, Windows and Linux.

  • Project Type: Group assignment
  • Language: C++11
  • Artists: Juliana Pinto, Juha-Matti Puljujärvi
  • Programmers: Mikko ... , Pieter Vantorre