The original project was a school assignment, but after the due date, we continued working on the game, and  participated with it in the Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Team member links:

My part of this game was:

  • implementing and placing all actors (characters, tiles, NOT playable characters)
  • making the dynamic tile movement
  • switching materials
  • Linking Kismet to UnrealScript
  • Detecting if a tile is moveable (the exclamation marks popping up (video) )
  • Changing colors of tiles if you stand on them
  • Saving and Loading (together with Glenn Moreels)



Available documents:

Imagine Cup Overview video:




  • Project Type: Group assignment
  • Artists: Joffrie De Winter, Joeri Vancauwenbergh
  • Programmers: Glenn Moreels, Pieter Vantorre
  • Dev platform: UDK - All code done in UnrealScript