Goldfish is a match 3 game with a twist where players can collect treasures by drawing the longest line possible through the same shapes and colors. The game allows for unique combos and chaining as you jump between shape and color.

It’s easy to learn but continually challenging as you try make the longest chain through the mysteries of the deep sea!

Goldfish is a game created for an American lottery company. It’s a match 3 game, with a lot of meta. You have an aquarium that you can decorate, fish that you can buy, and attributes that you can give to your fish. All of this runs in the browser and is playable on mobile and desktop platforms.
Created with Mojito game engine
Developed for Web


For Goldfish, I mostly worked as only developer, with 1 artist and 1 game designer.

Match 3 game

Instead of being able to swap 2 elements and for matches, you draw a chain of connecting elements, based on shape or color. The level is completed when you reach a certain amount of points. Making long chains, increases your point bonus.

Optionally, you can try to collect coins and treasures from the levels. This is the monetization aspect, users can buy gold coins to unlock premium upgrades.

The aquarium and the shop

When you play the match 3 game, you can choose a fish as your active character. Each fish has different stats. These stats influence the rewards and the difficulty of solving a level.

The fish live in an aquarium. You can customize the aquarium, and the fish. You can buy decorations, accessories for your fish (hats, cloths, face attributes) and new fish.


This game was written in C++ and scripted in Lua. It was later compiled to JavaScript / asm.js with the help of the Emscripten project.

The game saves data and you’re able to restore your session on other devices. This is achieved through AWS.

  • Handling user profile and authentication: Cognito + Lambda
  • Analytics: Lambda, API Gateway and EC2

Fish animations are achieved through Spine.

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