Mojito game engine


The mojito engine was a custom game engine created by Fishing Cactus. It was a very modular game engine where you would not pay the price for unused modules. Development stopped when the latest console gen arrived and we could no longer compete with the existing game engines like Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

Mojito was well engineered, supported a lot of different platforms, including, but not limited to:

OSXiOSXbox 360 
LinuxWindows PhoneNintendo Wii 
  Nintendo 3Ds 

The engine is written in C++, later upgraded to C++11. Compilable with all major compilers. Scripting is done in Lua or JS.

It contained a lot of features including, but not limited to:

Multiple analytics providersHaptic feedbackKinectAutomatic updater
Multi touch supportMultiple render targetsBlend tree animationsRemote debugging tools
Social platform integrationsMultiple game screensPlatform emulationAbstract file system
Multiple scripting languagesMultiple UI frontendsScriptable render pipelineEngine dependency management

My contributions

By the time I joined Fishing Cactus, Mojito was already a very well developed game engine.

My notable contributions:

  • Rendering bugs
  • Fixes for developing on a Linux host platform
  • Virtual filesystem can transparently access compressed file content (C:/Game/
  • Tooling (command line based)
  • Lua bindings
  • Duktape bindings
  • full HTML UI system
  • port of jQuery to Lua
  • Multithreaded Lua scripting
  • Unit tests
  • JNI Bindings
  • Emscripten platform
  • Google sheets localization tool (google app script)
  • Bezier curves
  • Spline C++ integration
  • SoLoud sound engine
  • iOS and Android fixes

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