The StarEngine is a 2D, Cross platform (Win32 + Android) Game engine, developed in a time span of 4 months.

The StarEngine started off as a school assignment, but soon it got way bigger than that.

Click here for a full list of features and information of this experimental engine.

The engine was used in several small games to test it.

Some are linked here:


Realm of Rave

Box Wars Brawl

Bread Inc.

The star engine was created by me and 3 other students:

Glen De Cauwsemaecker

Cedric Van de Walle

Simon Vanhauwaert



The current version on Github is broken. We stopped working on this engine because it became clear that we had made some wrong development choices in the beginning of the development. It was a very good project to learn from, we now have a pretty good idea about how it is to build a game engine, but we would have to start over from scratch to be able to make a high performance engine.