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star::SoundService Class Reference

#include <SoundService.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~SoundService ()
status Start ()
void Stop ()
status LoadMusic (const tstring &path, const tstring &name)
status LoadSoundEffect (const tstring &path, const tstring &name)
status PlaySoundFile (const tstring &path, const tstring &name)
status PlaySoundFile (const tstring &name)
status PlaySoundEffect (const tstring &path, const tstring &name)
status PlaySoundEffect (const tstring &name)
status AddToBackgroundQueue (const tstring &name)
status PlayBackgroundQueue ()
void PlayNextSongInQueue ()
void StopSound (const tstring &name)
void StopAllSound ()
void PauseAllSound ()
void ResumeAllSound ()
void DeleteAllSound ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SoundServiceGetInstance ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

star::SoundService::~SoundService ( )

Member Function Documentation

status star::SoundService::AddToBackgroundQueue ( const tstring name)
void star::SoundService::DeleteAllSound ( )
SoundService * star::SoundService::GetInstance ( )
status star::SoundService::LoadMusic ( const tstring path,
const tstring name 
status star::SoundService::LoadSoundEffect ( const tstring path,
const tstring name 
void star::SoundService::PauseAllSound ( )
status star::SoundService::PlayBackgroundQueue ( )
void star::SoundService::PlayNextSongInQueue ( )
status star::SoundService::PlaySoundEffect ( const tstring path,
const tstring name 
status star::SoundService::PlaySoundEffect ( const tstring name)
status star::SoundService::PlaySoundFile ( const tstring path,
const tstring name 
status star::SoundService::PlaySoundFile ( const tstring name)
void star::SoundService::ResumeAllSound ( )
status star::SoundService::Start ( )
void star::SoundService::Stop ( )
void star::SoundService::StopAllSound ( )
void star::SoundService::StopSound ( const tstring name)

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