Shift Quantum

Shift Quantum is a cyber-noir action-puzzle platformer in black and white, with a unique gameplay mechanic called SHIFTING. Solve puzzles and create negative space by inverting the world and transform barriers into escape routes. Use this unique SHIFT mechanic to your advantage and overcome the game’s obstacles.
Created with Unreal Engine 4, Node.js®
Developed for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4®, Desktop


What did I do

We were 2 programmers on this game.

Michael Delva Started the project and kept working on all gameplay tasks. He made the player, integrated animations, gameplay mechanics, level editor, …

Here’s a brief description of the parts I worked on.

Console ports + TRCs / Cross platform abstractions

The game is available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4. The game is 100% the same on all platforms and users can share their community levels between all the platforms.

SQ Validator

Validation/Rejection tool for processing community levels internally.

Community backend

Shift Quantum features a cross platform community level system. The backend for this system, including 3rd party authentication with console services, was handled by Gamesparks. We wrote a lot of code on GameSparks to handle

  • Authentication
  • Storing community levels in a MongoDB
  • Retrieving community levels in small slices to avoid big network requests
  • Storing player analytics

Community frontend

The community frontend features a list of levels created by other players on any platform. There are filter options available. After playing a community level, you’re asked to rate it. This rating affects the sorting.


Shift Quantum features quite an extensive menu. There’s a campaign, level editor + community part, settings

Using Unreal’s UMG system, it was a breeze to create scalable UI for multiple resolutions.

Shift Quantum website

I designed and coded the website.


  • Introduction gameplay
  • Audio implementation
  • Bugfixes in UE4

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