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star::Spritesheet Class Referencefinal

#include <Spritesheet.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Spritesheet ()
 Spritesheet (XMLContainer &spritesheet)
 Spritesheet (const Spritesheet &yRef)
 Spritesheet (Spritesheet &&yRef)
 Spritesheet (iterator begin, iterator end)
 ~Spritesheet ()
Spritesheetoperator= (const Spritesheet &yRef)
void SetName (const tstring &name)
const tstringGetName () const
const tstringGetDefaultAnimation () const
int GetFramesHorizontal () const
int GetFramesVertical () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from star::Dictionary< tstring, SpriteAnimation >
 Dictionary ()
 Dictionary (const Dictionary &yRef)
 Dictionary (Dictionary &&yRef)
 Dictionary (iterator begin, iterator end)
 ~Dictionary ()
Dictionary< tstring,
SpriteAnimation > & 
operator= (const Dictionary< tstring, SpriteAnimation > &yRef)
Dictionary< tstring,
SpriteAnimation > & 
operator= (Dictionary< tstring, SpriteAnimation > &&yRef)
SpriteAnimationoperator[] (const tstring &key)
SpriteAnimationoperator[] (dki_pair &ki_pair)
SpriteAnimationat (const tstring &key)
SpriteAnimationat (dki_pair &ki_pair)
SpriteAnimationat (const tstring &key, size_type index)
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
const_interator cbegin () const
const_interator cend () const
iterator find (const tstring &key) const
size_type count (const tstring &key) const
const_interator lower_bound (const tstring &key) const
const_interator upper_bound (const tstring &key) const
iterator insert (const SpriteAnimation &value)
iterator insert (SpriteAnimation &&value)
iterator insert (const_interator hint, const value_type &value)
iterator insert (const_interator hint, value_type &&value)
iterator insert (const dkv_pair &kv_pair)
iterator erase (const_interator position)
size_type erase (const key_type &key)
iterator erase (const_interator first, const_interator last)
void clear ()
void swap (Dictionary< tstring, SpriteAnimation > &yRef)
bool empty () const
size_type size () const
size_type max_size () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from star::Dictionary< tstring, SpriteAnimation >
< tstring, SpriteAnimation
typedef dictionary::iterator iterator
typedef dictionary::const_iterator const_interator
typedef tstring key_type
typedef SpriteAnimation value_type
typedef uint32 size_type
typedef dictionary::reference reference
typedef dictionary::const_reference const_reference
typedef dictionary::difference_type difference_type
typedef dictionary::allocator_type allocator_type
typedef dictionary::mapped_type mapped_type
typedef std::pair< tstring,
typedef std::pair< tstring,
typedef std::pair< typename
dictionary::iterator, typename
dictionary::iterator > 
- Protected Attributes inherited from star::Dictionary< tstring, SpriteAnimation >
dictionary m_MultiMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

star::Spritesheet::Spritesheet ( )
star::Spritesheet::Spritesheet ( XMLContainer spritesheet)
star::Spritesheet::Spritesheet ( const Spritesheet yRef)
star::Spritesheet::Spritesheet ( Spritesheet &&  yRef)
star::Spritesheet::Spritesheet ( iterator  begin,
iterator  end 
star::Spritesheet::~Spritesheet ( )

Member Function Documentation

const tstring & star::Spritesheet::GetDefaultAnimation ( ) const
int star::Spritesheet::GetFramesHorizontal ( ) const
int star::Spritesheet::GetFramesVertical ( ) const
const tstring & star::Spritesheet::GetName ( ) const
Spritesheet & star::Spritesheet::operator= ( const Spritesheet yRef)
void star::Spritesheet::SetName ( const tstring name)

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